Mind Your Business!

Three Steps to Become a Great CEO

Remaining relevant is a balance between change and becoming obsolete. Doing business today is no longer about command, control, or being an absent leader – your customers and employees demand more. How do you adapt your leadership style to embrace new ways of thinking, influencing, communicating, and leading leaders?

Mind Your Business! is an interactive summit for business owners and CEOs who:

  1. Aspire for greater customer loyalty
  2. Want to increase their profits
  3. Want to build a work community that is loyal to the brand
  4. Want a better way to lead and influence.

Whether you are making millions, have lost millions or grinding to make your first million, there are four key styles every business owner/CEO needs to master to build and sustain a successful, profitable business. This half-day summit is an interactive, thought-provoking experience that will provide a roadmap to improve your leadership to create a culture that attracts and retains customers and talent for greater market share and profits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore fatal mistakes made by business owners and CEOs
  • Participate in interactive exercises to improve leadership skills, communication, and influence
  • Develop a growth or turn-around plan to achieve target goals
  • Participate in pair and group exercises to learn from and share with peer business owners/CEOs
  • Learn three steps to becoming a great CEO.

Attendees will receive a leadership style assessment, an autographed copy of “Mind Your Business,” online access to download handouts and activity assessment, and two one-hour complimentary sessions. 

    About the Facilitator

    Renzie Richardson, a.k.a “Coach Re” is a business owner and CEO of BHFL Group. For more than twenty years, she has been training and coaching executives. Since 2012, she has been advising business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and helping them fix their fatal mistakes. The lessons she’s learned as a coach and advisor are shared in her book. This training session is designed to help CEOs and business owners to lead competitively and to develop the next generation of CEOs to reach the top. Coach Re has a BS and MA degree and is a certified PROSCI-ADKAR Practitioner. She is a basketball enthusiast, devoted parent of three children, a cat named Tater-tot, and loves to spend time with family and friends.