Why your business needs a capability statement

Written by Renzie Richardson, BHFL Group

Small business owners know that they need to increase their value proposition, but often, they’re unable to do so without being pushy and annoying.

If you can’t back up what you say, your potential contracts will go to someone else. Your competitors are doing everything they can to take your customers.

Start using a capability statement and give your prospects a way of knowing why your business is the best value for the job.

An effective capability statement serves as your company’s mission and vision statement and conveys your experience and expertise. It is a living document that can be revised anytime to reflect organizational or external environment changes.

Every capability statement must contain

  • NAICS Codes, UEI, and CAGE Number

Capability statement advantages

  • Responds to requests for company information. Many marketing outreach campaigns require a capability statement to ensure your business can meet the client’s requirements.
  • Highlights your skills/qualifications/track record of improving your ability to win contracts or attract new clients.
  • Professionally showcases your business capabilities and why you are the best choice over your competition.

Tips for writing your capability statement

General points to consider include:

  • Who is your audience, how to use keywords, and what is your value proposition?
  • How to leverage your capabilities and brand to convey alignment and expertise to address their pain points. Remember, one capability statement will not apply to all target customers. You may need different versions for different audiences. Explain the features and benefits of your business that will solve the customers’ pain points.
  • Keep it simple.

Purchase BHFL Group’s Capability Statement Package to create a basic capability statement for your business. Additional packages are available for more enhanced, branded capability statements.

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