Ensuring Compliance In A Rapidly Growing Industry

The cannabis/hemp industries are thriving and growing, but companies struggle with compliance and legal issues. There is a need to understand how federal, state, and local laws apply to business owners who are cultivators, processors, and dispensaries. Leveraging more than 22 years of HR management and training experience, BHFL Group’s expertise in recruiting, hiring, training, engaging, and termination helps our clients avoid fines, litigation, and risk of losing permits and licensing. 


HR Compliance Audits

Have peace of mind that your business complies with state and federal regulations with our HR compliance auditing services. We audit your policies, hiring, and terminating practices for local, state, and federal compliance.


Training & Coaching

Build the leaders in your organization and prepare for future growth with our Leadership Development and Change Management Solutions.


Employee Handbook

Develop a positive workplace culture and uphold internal policies and procedures with a customized employee handbook.



Stay ahead of the game and navigate through the challenges of this emerging industry with our specialized cannabis consulting services.

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Watch the official trailer for the book to help you understand how cannabis and HR management go hand in hand in companies and much more. click here to find out more about Mind Your Business! HR Matters for Cannabis Compaines.