It’s a Desert Between Start-up and Enterprise

So many business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs put in the work, the long hours, and grind it out to be successful, and the grind does not equal the results! We know the secret to end your exhaustion and quench your thirst.
If you feel like you are in the desert, we can help. BHFL Group’s expertise fills the gap between starting a business and running a $MM enterprise, and we leverage more than 15 years of business coaching and training experience.


Six Fatal Mistakes

When grinding it out in the desert, companies make mistakes coping with the grind and not getting the results. We found the answer. Learn about the five life cycles of a business to create the right growth plan to multiply your revenue.


Training & Coaching

Build the leaders in your organization and prepare for future growth with our Leadership Development and Change Management Solutions.


Insight & Evaluation

To further understand your challenges and gaps, we use assessment tools to identify opportunities. We assess your CEO capabilities, team performance, and the company growth potential.



Stay ahead of the game and navigate through the challenges of this emerging industry with our specialized cannabis consulting services.

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MYB Now! 12 Step Signature Coaching Program

Mind Your Business Now! 12-Step Signature Coaching Program is for women and minority-owned businesses looking to fix fatal problems in their business and multiply their income.