Using the art of storytelling, the author takes you on an interactive journey about Big Joe, the CEO, fatal mistakes, and how slick ways destroyed his business.

Big Joe was an arrogant cuss. He bragged about the Rainmaker, his golden goose. A humble soul, the Rainmaker could walk into any bank and come out with a seven-figure line of credit.

And, there’s Nephew Leech – Big Joe’s snitch. He kept his uncle informed when he was away on his global treks, enjoying the riches of his success. One day, Leech sent out a distress call, “Big Joe, where are you? Man, call me…your sh*t is done!

About the Author:
Renzie Richardson is the CEO of BHFL Group. For more than twenty years, she’s been training, coaching, and helping CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs build profitable businesses leveraging their strengths and understanding talent economics.