HR Matters For Cannabis Companies


HR or human resources is arguably one of the most essential departments and is the backbone of any company’s entire operations, as the world of HR is an ever-changing and wildly complex one that makes it difficult for a variety of corporations to understand the field. For the cannabis industry, human resources are even more difficult in a highly regulated industry. Even more, human resources play a critical role in making sure small businesses are compliant with State, federal, and local labor laws regardless if your business is a plant-touching, retail, or your company offer ancillary services.

This is a topic that has been discussed in great detail by the author Renzie Richardson’s most recent brainchild. In this book, the author discusses some common HR problems of today, how they can be fixed, and how to protect your company’s and limit exposure to liability that can drain your profits.  Grab your copy today and learn more about this topic.

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